Jator Pierre, Inner Health Coach

Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson, Bestselling Writer, Health Coach. 

The female keto, low carb & fasting catastrophe

Eat more carbs urgently for weight management and hormones

This will blow your mind. The diet industry has turned everything upside down and for 80 % of our client’s reality is the OPPOSITE of what is currently preached.

In this exciting new take on weight loss and health YOU WILL LEARN:

  • Why most people need MORE (of the right) carbs) to lose weight, fix the gut and balance hormones.
  • Why the most juices, blended and praised greens DOESN’T count as carbs and why you NEED the carbs you crave the most. (Did anybody say broccoli, cauliflower and salad?
  • Why the keto clan has got it wrong and why 20 – 30 grams carbs per day is NOT enough. AT. ALL.
  • The 3 most fattening and ageing misconceptions in keto, veganism and intermittent fasting and How to fix the damage.
  • The cooking tips, cheat sheets and shopping lists you need to implement this surprising wisdom immediately.
  • Why keto, low carb and fasting is especially bad for women.
  • The instant test and checklist that reveals if you need more carbs.
  • Why carbs increase fatloss, sleep, health and well being.
  • Why your need for carbs change all the time and how to check it.
  • Which carbs to run out and buy - NOW (it’s the one you’ve missed THE MOST)


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